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Here are some reviews from our volunteers and interns, Please share your experiences with us.:

Hi, I'm Constance, I'm studying Biology in France. I came here on Koh Seh to learn more about my futur job, how to protect nature and specifically the ocean.

I've been on the island for more than 2 weeks now and i'm really enjoying every moment with all the MCC team!

MCC is an important project for me. It gives me hope and I'm very happy to be able to help them as much as I can.
Date of Posting: 26 March 2019
Posted By: Constance
Marine Biology Student
Hi my name is Fred. Inspired by growing up around the natural beauty of Yorkshire’s dales, I started my conservation career doing my field guide and tracker licence in South Africa. This furthered my drive to study and protect the natural world and lead to a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Newcastle University. Wanting to broaden my fieldwork experiences, I spent 6 months in the coastal Ecuadorian forest conducting herpetofauna and raptor monitoring, as well as conducting a camera trap project in Mongolia.

Subsequently, I did a Conservation Science MSc at Imperial College where I was lucky enough to spend two months in Tajikistan using social and ecological research to evaluate forest health. I have come to MCC from MCP (Marine Conservation Philippines!) where I did divemaster and tec courses and taught interns coral reef monitoring methodologies. I came to MCC to focus on seagrass and learn from their resident seagrass expert.

I initially came to MCC for 2 weeks and extended to a month to gain a deeper understanding of the work they do in the archipelago.
Date of Posting: 20 March 2019
Posted By: Fred
Dive Master and Photographer, United Kingdom
Hi, my name is Eva. I’m studying applied biology in the Netherlands and I will be here for three months to do my orientation internship. I have been here for almost a week now and already loving it. The projects that MCC are doing are all of great importance and I am happy to get involved and help with it!
Date of Posting: 26 February 2019
Posted By: Eva
Marine Biology Student, Holland
G'day! Im Nick from Australia. In my time as a volunteer with MCC I have had the privilege of working on a variety of interesting and important projects including seagrass surveys, fishing effort surveys, dolphin surveys and outreach projects with the local schools and community. It is inspiring to see bright and conscientious people come together and work towards the future of a part of the marine world which has amazing potential but has suffered through much distress. MCC is creating a bright future for the Kep archipelago and anyone interested should consider how they can help!
Date of Posting: 25 February 2019
Posted By: Nick
Student in Marine Biology, Australia
Hello, I'm Crystal from Singapore. I love the sun, sand and sea, so I am glad to have had the chance to translate this into action with MCC.

Being a 100% city girl, I was really apprehensive before I arrived. But once I got here, I realised what an amazing opportunity this was, learning about MCC's projects, getting my advanced diving certification, and meeting all the awesome people with a passion for the ocean. Thank you MCC, so glad I made it.
Date of Posting: 22 February 2019
Posted By: Crystal
Hi! I am Franzi. I am staying as volunteer with MCC to see the practise of marine conservation. As there are many different projects like dolphin surveys, marine harvesting network project and education trainings, I am glad to learn about the different aspects and the involvement of the Cambodian citizens. I am dive instructor and it’s great to see the achievements under water at the reef in front of the island. As a volunteer I get trained in the different fields and can take part in the research, which is great.
Date of Posting: 19 February 2019
Posted By: Franzi
Scuba Diving Instructor
Hello, I'm Philip from Hong Kong. This is my first time to volunteer abroad.

I love diving and explore the world underwater.
MCC project attacted me because they demonstrate that is possible to combine my diving skill with my statistic knowledge to contribute our ocean.

It's a great experience to work with people who having a huge passion for the ocean.
Date of Posting: 05 February 2019
Posted By: Phillip
Informatician, Hong Kong
Hey, I'm Alice from Suffolk in the U.K. I have just finished my degree in Politics and International Relations and have been saving up to travel since. I've always had a passion for the environment and wanted to come see all the great work MCC do in and around the island. Although I'm here for only three weeks, I've been helping with dolphin and seahorse surveys as well as completing my advanced scuba diving course. It's been a beautiful and fascinating experience seeing the hard and massively valuable work done here
Date of Posting: 31 January 2019
Posted By: Alice
Polittics and International relations student, United Kingdom
Hey! My name is Chen, I am 23 years old and I come from Israël. Right now I am travelling around southeast Asia and wanted to do some diving back. I love the ocean, marine life and diving, so when I heard about MCC, I knew I had to come and volunteer!
Date of Posting: 28 January 2019
Posted By: Chen
Traveller, Israel
Greetings! My name is Heidi. I'm from the US and work at a marine science lab in Washington State. I decided to come to South East Asia to escape the cold, gain some more dive experience, and see how marine conservation NGOs operate in this part of the world. My time at MCC has been amazing and I've loved getting to know and working with all the passionate people on the island.
Date of Posting: 22 January 2019
Posted By: Heidi
Marine Science Lab worker, US

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