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Here are some reviews from our volunteers and interns, Please share your experiences with us.:

Hi! My name is Kris. I live in California, where I rescue and rehabilitate seals and sea lions. I am currently pursuing a marine biology degree and am very excited about learning more about Irrawaddy dolphins, the process of conducting land and sea surveys and the equipment MCC uses. This is a GREAT team of fun, smart and talented people. I feel very lucky to be here!
Date of Posting: 16 January 2019
Posted By: Kris
Student in Marine Biology, United States
I am Aaron. I am from New Hampshire, United States. I left university after my first year because I did not want to funnel myself into a career I did not fully understand or enjoy. I was studying Geology but took a class on cetaceans and human impacts on them. This sparked an interest that I did not know I had and I was determined to investigate more.

This was the only ocean related course at my university as it was a small school in a landlocked state. In the last year I worked as a laborer for an excavation business and saved up money to travel and become part of the MCC team. I am on the island for 3 months to assist the Irrawaddy Dolphin Project.
Date of Posting: 07 January 2019
Posted By: Aaron
Student and construction worker, USA
Man from the mountains of Canada. A fire-fighter and arborist by trade. An avid birder and marine life enthusiast. Able to leap small children in a single bound and move at the speed of thought.

`Konichiwa ! I’m looking to compile a catalogue of the birds on Koh Seh, while dutifuly completing valiant tasks as a volunteer. I hope to help right the wrongs wrought upon the waters and its friends. It has been exciting to see the efforts of this organization have an effect in reversing the damage done !

Be excellent to each other.’
Date of Posting: 10 December 2018
Posted By: Taylor
Arborist, Canada
Hi, I'm Leslie, I'm a high school chemistry teacher from Boston, U.S.A. I came to Koh Seh to learn how MCC is mitigating the effects of trawling and other illegal fishing practices. MCC is particularly awesome, as everyone here is happy to share their knowledge and to learn from each other. Using appropriate technology to solve problems is the norm here. It inspires me to think critically about repurposing things I already have instead of buying new and unnecessary things. I intend to bring what I learn here at MCC when I return to school in September. It was very sad to leave MCC but I hope to return again.
Date of Posting: 08 November 2018
Posted By: Leslie
Chemistry Teacher, Boston, USA
Hello , I am Rose
I have always loved nature and the ocean, so marine Conservation seemed like an obvious thing for me. My job back home is modelling and I came to MCC to do something I really care about.
So far I have been involved in the seahorse , dolphin ans seagrass surveying and research. I have been cleaning and building clusters to give fish new homes. It baffles me how much humans damage the environment, and being here has been really inspiring!
Date of Posting: 06 November 2018
Posted By: Rose
Hi, I'm Emma from Yorkshire and I have a degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography... I've come to MCC to get that all important field experience, in order to fully put my degree to use, 2 years later, and hopefully bag that elusive first 'proper' job. I'm excited to work with such an enthusiastic team, doing conservation work and giving a little back to the planet and the local community!
Date of Posting: 25 October 2018
Posted By: Emma
Marine Biology and Oceanography student, England
Hello from the tropical isle of Koh Seh. I’m Terry Johnson, recently retired from the fisheries faculty of the University of Alaska, in the USA. During my checkered career I’ve been, among other things, a commercial fisherman and owner-operator of a marine wildlife tourism business. As a fisheries extension professor much of my work was with the fishing and seafood industries and with marine recreation and tourism. Marine mammals have been part of my working environment and at times objects of my professional focus.
I saw a recruiting post Sarah made on the listserv MarMam and it looked to me like participating for a few weeks would be an opportunity to combine my long-held interests in cetaceans, the sea, Southeast Asia, and volunteering. I’d never worked with the model of volunteers contributing both cash and labor support of research and conservation operations. MCC’s documented successes in science and in resource management policy convinced me that it is an organization worth supporting. Less than a week into my stay, my initial impression is of a very rustic field camp inhabited by a friendly crew of dedicated and energetic young people addressing difficult problems toward goals that include saving endangered species, preserving and enhancing habitats, and improving future prospects for the people of coastal Cambodia.
Date of Posting: 24 October 2018
Posted By: Terry Johnson
Terry Johnson, Retired From fisheries faculty of the University of Alaska, Alaska
Hiya! I’ve just arrived at MCC and it’s such an amazing place. Ive always loved the ocean and that led me to spend the last few years working as a dive instructor in the Caribbean. Spending so much time admiring the underwater world also made it impossible to ignore the mounting problems our marine ecosystems are facing as I saw first hand the detrimental effects on my favourite reefs. Coming here has given me an even closer look at how desperately we need conservation work. MCC has given me a chance to focus on conservation and to learn from an inspiring group of people that work tirelessly to protect our oceans.
Date of Posting: 13 October 2018
Posted By: Sietske
Scuba Diving Instructor, Holland
Hey, I'm Becky. I'm from Sheffield in the UK. I'm doing a 6 month internship with MCC as part of my degree at uni. I'm currently studying zoology but want to learn more about the marine environment and conservation. I'm also learning to dive while I'm out here so that i can do some of the marine surveys and be able to see more of what we're working so hard to protect. Hopefully this internship will help me not only with my degree, but also with conserving our natural environments in every day life, when it's easier to ignore the issues that we cannot see.
Date of Posting: 10 October 2018
Posted By: Becky
Currently Studying Zoology, UK
Hi, I'm Rachel, from Los Angeles, California. I'm volunteering for a month at MCC to learn more about their conservation work and to help their efforts in saving seahorses. I work in the film industry and I am very interested in marine conservation and protecting the oceans. As a SCUBA diver, it's easy to see the impacts of pollution and the damage done to ocean life by overfishing but it's not always easy to know the best ways to help. I hope to learn more about conservation efforts and how I can contribute, even at home!
Date of Posting: 05 October 2018
Posted By: Rachel
Los Angeles, California

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