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Here are some reviews from our volunteers and interns, Please share your experiences with us.:

Hi, I am Romain, I from France. Student in Political Sciences, I have the opportunity to go on an internship for my 3rd year. After had dived in paradisiacal places, I realized the diversity and beauty of the ocean and that’s why I decided to invest myself to protect it! So here I am on Koh Seh, volunteer for MCC for 4 months! I am very happy to be here to participate in the research and actions on the preservation of the marine area of Kep! The team is fantastic, the island is beautiful, and the ocean is getting better and better thanks to the work done by Marine Conservation Cambodia.
Date of Posting: 18 September 2018
Posted By: Romain
Political Sciences, France
My name is Fabian and I’ve come to MCC to see and maybe even assist the amazing people who bit by bit is saving our oceans. Our oceans are sitting on tons of secrets and wonderful creatures. To destroy our biggest resource and habit to billions of amazing creatures would just be a shame. I support MCC to prevent the destruction of the future.
Date of Posting: 12 September 2018
Posted By: Fabian
Hi I'm Christelle! I'm a french agronomic engineer student specialized in fishing and coastal management. I'm currently doing a gap year before finishing my studies. After doing an internship in research I wanted to get involved in an NGO and be with people who are actually making a difference. I came to Marine Cambodia Conservation because I think this NGO is really doing all it can to improve the current situation and help the local communities. I also hope to gain more knowledge about marine conservation and management, and practice research diving.
Date of Posting: 07 February 2018
Posted By: Christelle
Agronomic engineer student specialized in fishing and coastal management, France
Since finishing my degree in Conservation Biology a few years ago I've spent some time working on various marine projects in Northern Cyprus, the Maldives and the Philippines, focusing mainly on sea turtle conservation. After gaining my divemaster last year I was eager to leave behind the UK winter and get back out in the field. I found MCC while searching online and thought it would be a great project to gain more survey skills whilst also getting the chance to learn more about seahorses and help out in the other projects they have going on here.
Date of Posting: 01 February 2018
Posted By: Claire
Conservation Biology, UK
Hi I’m Courtney and I’m from Australia! I’m currently on university summer break and came to Cambodia to do my part in saving the ocean with the group at MCC, living by the simple philosophy that “‘many hands make light work”.
Although my time here is short, I can’t wait to come back with more time up my sleeve to be part of this special community.
Date of Posting: 17 January 2018
Posted By: Courtney
Hi I'm Nevada and I am from Victoria, Canada. Since finishing up my degree in Business and Accounting at the University of Victoria in August 2017, I have left Canada to do some traveling. I knew in my gap year of traveling I wanted to do some kind of marine volunteering, because I personally have an interest in the field of science and conservation. It would also be nice for me to have some work and volunteer experience in a field that I did not exactly study, especially since in my future I would like a career that involves conservation and environmental policy in business. I came across MCC on Google when looking up marine conservation places in Asia and after looking on their website I felt it was an appropriate place for me to volunteer to gain some practical conservation experience and see what the conservation field is like. I feel like my personal attributes of organization, curiosity and detail orientation make me a good fit to help MCC with their conservation work.
Date of Posting: 07 January 2018
Posted By: Nevada
Business and Accounting, Canada
Hi, my name is Yseult and I’m 22. I come from Belgium. I’m here to make an internship that fits with my field of studying bio engineering. I chose the MCC organization because I wanted to learn more about environmental conservation and the ocean. Also, I wanted to go to a place where I could test my skills helping an NGO whose values are close to my convictions. I’m going to work on the desalinization project with Zahra because fresh water is rare on the island during dry periods but very useful for everyday life (shower, dishes, ...) I would also like to work on a valorization way of the waste that drifts on the island shores every day.
Date of Posting: 28 July 2017
Posted By: Yseult
University of Ghent, Belgium
Hi, my name is Zahra . I'm from Belgium. I'm curently in my fourth year of study in environmental engineering. I'm here to do an internship during 2 month. I chose this place because I wanted have a direct impact on the environment and help to restore and conserve endanger ecosystems. During this internship I have the project to build a system to produce fresh water from salt water.The idea is to use the heat from the incenerator for the desalinisation process. It could be usefull during during dry season. I'm really impatient to work and live a knowledges exchange.
Date of Posting: 20 July 2017
Posted By: Zahra
University of Ghent, Belgium
My name is Manon, I am from Switzerland. I am 19 and have just finished my studies so it was the perfect time go traveling. I wanted to do some volunteering work and discover a new culture. When I found MCC website I thought it could be a perfect opportunity to help in a practical way and to learn more about marine conservation. I chose to stay here for one month. Maybe this is a too short period because there are a lot of projects in the island where help is needed. I will do the Advanced open water dive during my stay to be more able to help in the water.
Date of Posting: 16 July 2017
Posted By: Manon
Hi, I'm Talia Wong ! I'm 22 years old. I come from the little, sunny island of Singapore and I'm majoring in Geography. I'll be here for a 2-months internship. I decided to come to Marine Conservation Cambodia as I really wanted to know and be involved in the marine environment and make full use of my summer break instead of taking up random café and events job. I'm interested in working in South-East Asia countries where lesser attention is paid. Also, while I love the ocean immensely, something about its depth scares me too, so I want to learn how to dive and actually try to overcome this fear
Date of Posting: 02 July 2017
Posted By: Talia Wong

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